Emergency Mobile Repair Services in Philadelphia, PA

We provide 24/7 roadside assistance in times of emergency, and are fully certified for warranty repairs by the major brands, including but not limited to Scania, Perkins, and Deutz, etc.

We at 1st Call Mobile Repair, pride in first-class services and are open to serving every customer, whenever we are called upon.

At 1st Call Mobile Repair, rest assured that our customer service is top-notch, and the professionalism of our staff is unbeatable. What more? We are fully insured.

We have a dedicated service team who knows their responsibility and how to get the very best out of your trailer and truck either through the routine maintenance or the unplanned repair of your trailer or truck engine.

There are many reasons to choose us – since we render a wide range of service, and have an unbeatable service team. But here are a few of the numerous reasons to choose our services.

• We provide you with free estimates.
• Our mechanics are all certified by ASE.
• All the parts we offer are of the highest quality, direct from the manufacturers.
• We are a NAPA truck center.
• All the common truck parts are available in stock.
• We are a certified dealer of minimizer fender, etc.

We help in your quest to extend the life of your truck and trailer, thereby saving the stress of constant repair and some money in the long run. Our services and every part we provide to you are all guaranteed. Our team at 1st Call Mobile Repair is certified and highly skilled. You can count on us to do a high-quality job every time!

Our services include but not limited to the following:

Repair of diesel engine trucks and trailers

It doesn’t matter if you have a diesel engine truck of small, medium or heavy-duty or a tractor with a trailer, we are here for you. Our engine and truck repair service includes an 85-point preventive maintenance service and you can bet we use state-of-the-art equipment. Our engine workshop has repaired every form of engine or truck, from the local school buses to the engines of incorporated national freight carriers.

Our facility is large enough to accommodate any truck and modern enough for any engine. We have a highly motivated and very experienced team and they offer personalized service to both companies with entire fleets and individual customers.

Engines, clutches, and transmissions.

We help you fix everything, from the springs and suspensions to the replacement of the engine emissions, we do everything. Upon visiting our facility, we are going to explain in detail what your truck needs so that you fully understand the exact service required to get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible.

Tire services

We are also able to help if you want to drop your vehicle, while our staff keeps doing their work in helping you install your tire or repair whatever is needed of the tires, our customer care team will contact you directly to make sure your needs are met.

Computer diagnostics

Our computer diagnosis helps our technicians diagnose the problems in your truck.

We have and use diagnostic computer tools for your heavy-duty trucks and engines. To run a proper diagnosis of your engine, we make use of the same equipment the dealers use, to ensure your vehicle is properly diagnosed. A truck repairer cannot fix everything with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. We know this, so we have invested a lot of money on our equipment, especially in our computer diagnostics tools. We have a state-of-the-art computer to diagnoses all the problems of your truck.

Air conditioner charge/repair

We make use of special machines to charge or repair your truck air conditioner. In refilling your air conditioner, we make sure it is done to the proper level. We remove all the old refrigerant and oil from the system, then replace it adequately and accurately, so you can enjoy your ride on your next trip.

Lightning system repair

We help you check and fix any electrical fault in your truck. It doesn’t matter where the issue is, we’d get there. Whatever the issue:

Engine light?
Service light?
Weird sound?

Or you feel or are sure something is wrong, but you can’t place the fault? It doesn’t matter, call on us for a diagnosis. We have all the technology required and the knowledge needed to help you properly diagnose your truck, and get it back on the road where it should be.

Scheduled repairs

You can call on us to help run your scheduled repairs on any part of your truck. We’d be glad to help in fixing any worn part in order to keep your truck running without any issue.

Preventive maintenance

This is something everyone who owns a truck should do. Preventive maintenance ensures your truck is running optimally. By regularly carrying out a routine maintenance check on your truck in our facility, rest assured your vehicle will remain in an optimal state.

Welding service

Did one or two parts of your truck pull or has worn? We can help you weld the required parts to ensure there is no problem arising from it or to return it to the original condition.

Steel fabrication

After damage, there is a need to either rebuild or fabricate and install some metal structures. Our steel fabrication unit is ever ready to lend a helping hand. We are hands-on in the process of bending or shaping and the entire metal fabrication processes.

Engine repair

We are capable of handling reefer engine unit repairs. If you need a carrier part service dealer, look no further than us.

Our technicians at 1st Call Mobile Repair are all trained to work on the latest innovations and technology engines, and can handle all the tools and required software needed for your engine to keep running.

Our services are all-encompassing, and also includes the following

Computer trailer Repair
Full-service truck shop
Engine overhauls in shop
After-treatment diagnostics and forced regens available upon request
Multiplexing diagnostics including 1939, 1708 and 1587 data-links
Engine controller programming
Wire repair along with connector repair on site
Factory engine controller programming and set up
Charging system diagnostics along with short circuits and draws
On-site training for fleets
Diagnostics on ABS systems along with electronic transmissions
Engine parameter flashing on site
Body controller programming
Diagnostics and repair on any make or model
Abs and transmission programming
Ford PCM reflashing along with key programming
Cab controller diagnostics and repair
Fleet management for trip and fuel mileage
Hydraulic line repair
And many more.

Contact us today at 1st Call Mobile Repair and our ever-ready customer care lines to get your trucks up and running again.